Authorized Towing Service in San Mateo, CA

Finding a good towing service these days is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack, there’s just so much that can go wrong with a San Mateo towing service that doesn’t have the proper licensing or a big enough flatbed towing truck for all your car towing needs. A San Mateo tow truck service like Tom’s Towing is a godsend for anyone commuting regularly to and from San Mateo. Towing San Mateo has flatbed towing trucks that can haul light-duty towing and heavy-duty towing and they tow both local and long-distance towing.

Local Tow Truck & Road Help Company

Tom’s Towing provides its services to every kind of car towing customer in San Mateo. Some people are in their car enough that they want to be familiar with a car towing company that can provide the best towing service. There are other customers who need a flatbed towing for their prize show cars, and they want both local and long-distance towing. Light-duty towing means pulling a compact car to a mechanic or whatnot, but sometimes you need a car towing a long distance and you don’t want the miles added onto your car’s odometer that’s when you use a flatbed towing truck. There are so many different kinds of towing services needed in the world, Towing San Mateo is confident they can provide whatever towing service you can come up with flatbed towing or not.

Our Towing & Roadside Assistance Services include:

Trustworthy & Affordable Car Towing Solutions

In San Mateo, there are plenty of other towing companies, but none of them have the 24-hour towing service policies that Tom’s Towing has. Providing more than just towing service to the San Mateo drivers is somewhat a mission for Tom’s Towing: perfecting the use of their 24/7 dispatch service so that they can guarantee fast response times to the San Mateo driver as well as training their towing service technicians to do more than just hook up a car towing rig they have set a new standard for towing in San Mateo. Their tow truck service is centered around the customer and the customers’ needs, it’s about more than just getting a towing service call, it’s about making the first priority getting their customer back on the road with towing being nothing but a last resort.  This doesn’t mean they are mechanics or a traveling repair shop, some things are above and beyond the call of towing service duty, but with Tom’s Towing, not much slips by.

Tom’s Towing provides everything from flat tire fixes to car lockout solutions and they make the driver the priority of their work. When you look for a San Mateo towing service, try us, call (650) 240-2154