Long Distance Towing to & from San Mateo, CA

Here at Tom’s Towing, we are happy to provide reliable towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our 24/7 service guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind when dealing with emergency towing and accident recovery. But being a professional team towing service, we offer more than emergency services. We offer highly trained experts who provide qualified operation of heavy-duty, light-duty, and flatbed trucks to transport your vehicles with both local and long-distance towing! And we do all this for the most affordable prices in the area! When you need non-accident related towing for your car, truck, RV, or boat, don’t risk damage and difficulty. Call Tom’s Towing and we’ll provide you the best service you can find.

No 1. Tow Truck Company in San Mateo

Whether you’re looking to have your property hauled across San Mateo or all the way to Southern California, there are options available that can help you both preserve your car and save your pocketbook. Using the right truck for the job is the first step to the safe delivery of your vehicle, and we have an entire fleet of top-of-the-line trucks to carry you along. We understand that there is a difference between pulling your car from a breakdown into the mechanic shop and delivering your prized hot rod to the car show. In utilizing flatbed trucks, we make sure that no mileage will be added to your car during the journey, keeping your property as pristine as it was when it left your garage. We are also able to help you haul your RV to the vacation location you’re looking for or home again after vacation. You can trust our highly trained auto-towing technicians to get the job done right. Each member of our team is fully licensed and trained with extensive experience in the industry ensuring the quality of service provided.

24/7 Professional Help

We hope that you’ll leave the trailer in the garage and call for a professional to help you haul your property long distances. Towing requires more than a tow hitch; there is knowledge and expertise we can offer you that will keep you, your property, and the other drivers on the road safe. And with Tom’s Towing, you can count on enjoying the most affordable prices around.

Tom’s Towing is a locally owned and operated company; we know the area and the job very well. Licensed and bonded, you can expect the very best from each member of our team. When you need towing, let our professional towing service assist you. We’re ready to help with our 24/7 service and our towing expertise, and of course, we can offer you complete roadside assistance services if you’re in need!