24/7 Roadside Assistance in San Mateo, CA

It’s the least expected service these days in San Mateo, but roadside assistance is actually the most important service Tom’s Towing provides. You’d be surprised to learn that Tom’s Towing works harder to get drivers back on the road than they do to get them on the back of their tow trucks. When it comes to roadside assistance you can count on the trained San Mateo roadside assistance professionals at Tom’s Towing.

There are many reasons a person might find themselves in need of roadside assistance, it’s not like cars don run without a hitch until some negative collision occurs, rather roadside assistance is necessary for all the little mistakes that occur to every driver every so often. In San Mateo, you should know that you can call for roadside assistance 24 hours a day, and get help from Tom’s Towing.

Some of Our Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in San Mateo:

Dead Battery or Car Lockout – We Have a Solution!

It happens to all of us in San Mateo, we come back to the car to find the battery dead or that we have locked the keys inside. Don’t let the dread or humiliation get to you, instead, call Tom’s Towing for their 24-hour roadside assistance. With Tom’s Towing you don’t have to wait long, you’ll be happy to see their roadside assistance technicians coming to your aid in minutes.

Authorized Off-Road Services by Local Experts

There are more severe roadside assistance needs than car lockout. Of course, off-road recovery is the epitome of San Mateo roadside assistance, but more common is the need for a tire change or a car running out of gas. If you are out of gas in San Mateo it’s important to call for help and not leave your car unattended while you hitchhike into town. Being out of gas is inconvenient but easier with San Mateo to make sure you get filled up and get your out-of-gas vehicle to a gas-filling station.

A tire change is perhaps the most complicated situation, people know how to do a tire change, and don’t normally call for help, but you should teach your teen drivers how to call for help with a tire change. Teach them Tom’s Towing is always there for them if they are stranded and in need of roadside assistance just call (650) 240-2154.


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