Tom’s Towing - Heavy Duty Towing Services

Heavy-duty towing is the type of job that demands expert handling. The forces exerted on the rig, tow truck, and towed vehicle are so immense that a mistake may very well result in extensive damage, severe injury, or even death.
AtTom’s Towing we pride ourselves on providing the local community with 24/7 top-quality comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services. Among these is heavy-duty towing, perhaps the most challenging type of service we offer.

The Type of Vehicles Involved

The vehicles which call for heavy-duty towing are the ones that weigh more and/or are larger in size than normal sedans, station wagons, minivans, and pickups. Good examples are RVs, minibusses, mobile homes, and trucks.

Performing heavy-duty towing requires not only the right type of tow truck but also a highly-skilled tech who possesses the necessary experience.
Tom’s Towing techs are all certified, well-trained, reliable, and proud to be of service. We operate top-notch, perfectly maintained,  heavy-duty tow trucks as part of our extensive fleet. This combination ensures that when in need of heavy-duty towing you can do no better than to call on us.

No Less than Perfect Execution

When considering the loads and strains involved it becomes apparent that performing a heavy-duty tow inadequately is quite simply dangerous. There is a risk not only of causing extensive damage to vehicles and equipment but also of personal injury and even death.

At Tom’s Towing we are well aware of how important it is to conduct heavy-duty towing perfectly. Our highly skilled techs use the best equipment available and follow strict guidelines in order to assure this is the case time and time again, no excuses, no exceptions.

Heavy Duty Towing as Part of a Complete Range of Towing Services

Any towing company wanting to truly supply comprehensive towing services, as we at Tom’s Towing do, must also offer heavy-duty towing, even if it accounts for only a small fraction of overall operations.

Our towing services include: