Battery Jump Start Services in San Mateo

It doesn’t matter what time of day it happens, in the morning as you head to work or at night when you’re trying to get home: a dead car battery will throw a wrench in everything. Finding out that your car won’t start isn’t a problem that can wait around; it should be handled quickly so that you can move on with your day and keep up with the demands on your time. Here at Tom’s Towing, we understand that your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted as you wait around for help. That’s why our professional team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Locally owned and operated, we know the area very well, meaning we have the fastest response time around: we can respond to any call for a car jump start within minutes.

24/7 Dead Battery Solutions

When our roadside assistance technicians arrive on the scene, they bring with them both expertise and the tools you’ll need to get your car going again. Our training allows us to diagnose the situation quickly. We can determine if you simply have a dead car battery or if you need complete car battery replacement. After determining what the real problem is, we can provide a simple jumpstart with our cables and powerful tow truck engine or help you get a good battery put in your car. With our honest pricing policy, you can feel confident that the service you are getting is the most affordable service around. In addition, we have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can be confident with the repairs or assistance we provide, knowing that you’ve gotten top-notch quality service.

Additional Roadside Assistance

If you are in the San Mateo area you can also count on Tom’s Towing for more than just a battery jumpstart. Our team is available for roadside assistance with 24/7 service. These services include off-road recovery, car lockout solutions, gas refills, flat tire fixes, and more. Calling for a professional is always the best choice when dealing with car trouble. Car jump starts on your own can be dangerous in dealing with electrical connections and very powerful batteries. Flat tire fixes and gas refills are quicker and more efficient when getting help from a professional technician. And car lockouts can be easily resolved without causing any damage to the vehicle. So if you run into trouble, call for professional assistance from our team here at Tom’s Towing! We’re happy to help!

Our services include: