Top Towing Risks

Top Towing Risks

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Towing disabled vehicles is a job best left to professionals as there are substantial dangers involved, both in terms of damage to vehicles towed as well as injury or even, in extreme cases, death.
There are times when towing is done without the use of a professional towing service, towing with dolly for instance. In such cases it is important to posses the necessary knowhow in order to do it safely.

The risks of towing may be divided into two, those associated with the loading and unloading of the towed vehicle and the risks involved in driving while towing.
If loading and securing the towed vehicle is not done carefully the result may be injury to those in the vicinity or damage to the vehicle. It is important to always remember that heavy forces are exerted.
Driving while towing is very different than regular driving, doing is safely requires practice.

Typical mishaps to towing are accidents resulting from towed vehicles not being secure enough in place or accidents caused by mishandling of the towing vehicle. For instance, a simple curve of the road may result in overturning if not negotiated slowly enough.
People who are highly experienced at towing, tow techs and those who regularly tow using their own vehicles, know that every tow should be carried out carefully, both when loading and unloading as well as while driving in tow.

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