Tips For Preventing a Car Lockout Situation

Tips For Preventing a Car Lockout Situation

A car lockout situation can be a major setback, imagine yourself standing next to a locked car, unable to get in and drive off as you had intended to and all because of an entirely avoidable occurrence such as having accidently locked your car keys in the passenger compartment or trunk.

There are many different scenarios which may lead to a car lockout situation. It may be that you’ve lost your car keys, they may have been in a purse that was stolen, a hi-tech chip-key / remote combination may have ceased to function etc. Whatever the circumstances, the end result is the same, you are left stranded next to an immobilized vehicle.
Although a car lockout situation may happen to anyone, even an extremely organized person, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of such a mishap ever happening to you. We’ve gathered for you five tips which will help you avoid getting locked out of your car.

Car Lockout Proof Habits
If you train yourself to check that you have your car keys with you every time you’re about to leave you will have done plenty towards avoiding a car lockout situation. Just as with many other things, good practices prevents problems from occurring.

Hard To Lose Keys
There are ways in which you can make your car keys harder to lose. for instance, use a large, rattling key chain which you get accustomed to clipping onto a belt loop or a ‘D’ ring on your handbag. If you use such a key chain you will be compelled to make sure it is with you whenever you get up to leave.

Keep a Spare Set of Car Keys Handy
Besides taking measures to stop yourself from losing your car keys it is also a good idea to have an extra set made and to keep it somewhere you can easily get to if necessary. Give a set of car keys to a close friend for instance, if you get locked out of your car you can call and ask them to swing by and drop off the spare keys.

Check Out Any Central Locking System Related  Problem
Some car lockout situations occur as a result of a malfunction in a car’s central locking or antitheft systems. If you’ve experienced anything suspicious when opening or locking your car drive by the auto shop and have it looked into. Fixing the problem before it brings on a car lockout situation may save you both time and money.

Know Who To Call
If you do find yourself in a car lockout situation it is good if you know who you can call for assistance. A good auto locksmith who is available 24/7 and can be with you in minutes can solve the situation for you quickly. Keep the number of a locksmith company you’ve gotten good reviews about, have it written down on paper as well as in the contacts list on your cell phone.