Questions You Should Ask your Mechanic

Questions You Should Ask your Mechanic

When you are availing a towing service from a mechanic, there are certain questions that must be asked. Letting your vehicle fixed or towed by someone you do not know is a big risk. Anything can happen in a short period of time. Thus, it is very helpful to scrutinize the mechanic a little bit and know some basic questions to ask before availing their services.

  1. What are the certifications that the auto shop holds?

The first question to ask before availing a towing service should be focused on the company’s eligibility to operate. You should know their certifications, licenses, and even their mechanic’s qualifications to tow, fix, or function as an auto repair provider. It is very important to determine if the company is legit or not otherwise, you cannot run after them if anything happens to your vehicle. An excellent company is also someone who meets the standards of various organizations and public offices, and who also has the certifications or licenses to provide auto mechanic services.

  1. Can I get a quotation of the possible work done?

The thing is, you have to avoid hidden charges from a mechanic and pay the right amount. So, it is important to know if the company gives you an estimate cost of the possible work done to your vehicle, and provide a detailed documentation for any excess bill later on. Always check the quotation and the receipt charged to you.

  1. Is there a warranty provided?

If the auto mechanic installed or removed a certain part of your vehicle, always make sure to know if there is a warranty provided. The company should be responsible for any damages that they have done to the vehicle. If they agree to give a warranty, get the documents that serves as a proof of agreement. You can use this document as a reference in case you need to seek the mechanic with regard to new part installed or removed within your vehicle.

  1. What type of parts are used on your vehicle?

When the mechanic tells you that a certain part of your vehicle must be removed and replaced by a new one, do not forget to ask if these items are original or at least approved by your car’s manufacturer. You can also ask if these replacement parts are cheaper or expensive. It is very important to know the kind of vehicle parts used for your vehicle so you can have an idea if it is worth the money or if it lasts longer. This question will also let you assess whether you need to approach a new mechanic or not.

  1. Are there any vehicle issues that you should be aware of?

It does not hurt to ask the mechanic if there are any issues that your vehicle might be facing sooner or later. This will let you prepare for potential expenses that might be incurred. This will also alert you to be wary on the potential problems that needs to be taken into account.